About Us


State Takmil-ut-Tib College was established by great visionary,Shaikh-ul-Hind Abdul Aziz in 1902 as Takmeel-ut-Tib College and Hospital. It is Asia’s oldest center of Tibbi Educational Institution, imparting education in Unani Medicine and Surgery. In 1982, the college got provincialized and the world ‘State’ was prefixed to the name of the college to be called as State Takmil-ut-Tib college and Hospital, Lucknow. .The students passed from this college are known as Takmeeli.

Use of single drugs(Adviya Mufrida) and avoiding using Kushtajat as long as possible are the characteristics of the Khandaan-e-Azizi which made them to create a glorious past. Presently this college is spread over about 3.75 acres of land located near Ramabai Rally Sthal, Lucknow.The main aim of this college is to develop and propogate the Unani System of Medicine , keeping pace with various scientific researches and innovations.