Academic Block:

Academic block is a four storied building with 2 blocks. It has 14 departments, a central library, Dissection hall, 6 classrooms, Abdul Aziz Hall and an administrative office of Principal.

Hospital Building:

Hospital is a four storied building comprising both OPD and IPD unit with all amenities to fulfill the medical needs of the public and to train the students in clinical branches. Hospital is well known for its expertise in the treatment of various acute and chronic diseases. Presently 100 beds are available in IPD. Facilities for various pathological and biochemical investigations are available along with ultrasonography and digital X-Ray. It has well equipped O.T. Complex and labour room. Keeping in view the multidisciplinary approach hospital has also the staff of allopathic medicine.


Hostel separately for boys and girls is under construction.

Herbal Garden:

A vast herbal garden with more than 150 varieties of medicinal plants are present in campus for teaching of students.

Proctorial Team:

Proctorial team comprises of following members

  1. Abdul Quavi (President)
  2. Sayed Fazlur Rahman Kazmi (Member)
  3. Nikhat Sajjad (Member)
  4. Dr. Absar Ahmed (Member)

Anti-Rangging Committee:

Anti-ragging committee comprises of  following members

  1. Prof. Jamal Akhtar (President)
  2. Dr. Albina (Member)
  3. Dr. Mohd.Zubair (Member)
  4. Dr. Rakhshinda Baig (Member)

College Council

The college has a council comprising principal (Prof. Abdul Waheed) as chairpersonand the heads of the department as members.

Prof. Abdul Waheed (Principal) Chairperson

Prof. Anis Ahmad (Member)

Prof. Jamal Akhtar (Member)

Prof. Sohail Ahamad    (Member)

Prof. Nikhat Sajjad  (Member)

Prof . Abdul Quavi  (Member)

Prof. Safiya Lokhande (Member)

Prof. Mazahir Alam   (Member)

Prof. Barkatullah Nadvi  (Member)

Prof. Ataullah Khan(Member)

Dr. Mohd. Asif  (Member)

Dr. Arshad Ali  (Member)

Dr. Mohd. Khalid Siddiqui(Member)