Research & Publications

Prof. Jamal Akhtar:

  1. Therapeutic indication of ingredient of Safoof-e-Mohazzil; World Journal of Pharmaceutical research, Vol 6, issue 14, 2017, pg no. 222-231
  2. A prospective open label randomized clinical study of Safoof –e-mohazzil in cases of primary hyperlipidemia (Fart-e-Tabassum-Fid-Dam), International journal of Advances in pharmacy medicine and Bioallied sciences, 2017; 5(3): 189-194
  3. An Open Label randomized comparative clinical study of Safoof-e-Mohazzil v/s Atorvastatin in cases of Fart-e-Tabassum-Fid-Dam (Primary Hyperlipidaemia), Research &Reviews; VOL. 4, Issue 3, 2017

Prof. Abdul Quawi

  1. Siddiquui MA, Quavi MA, Qumari MA, ; Efficacy of Ayarij Faiqura in Qaraj-e-Hazmiya. Randomized controlled clinical study; Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science, Vol 17, Jan 18, pg no. 112-117

Prof. Barkatullah Nadvi:

  1. Hakkem Ziauddin Zia aur unki Ilmi aur Tibbi Khidmaat. All India Unani Tibbi Congress Magazine. Feb 2017. Page – 25.
  2. Prof. Afzal Ahmad Tibbi duniya ka Mard-aahan. All India Unani Tibbi Congress Magazine. Feb 2018. Page – 15

Dr. Mohd. Asif:

  1. Article “Noam-sehat ki ek qudrati muhafiz” published in Nawai Tibbon o sehat ;April-june 2017 edition on the page no. 25-31
  2. Article “Sehar-Doar e jadeed  ka Almia ” accepted for publication in next edition of Nawai Tibb o sehat edition.

Dr. Qamrul Hasan Lari

  1. Qamrul Hasan Lari. ; M.M. Wamiq Amin. Determination of  Human Temperament (Mizaj-e-Insani): An Overview of the Theory and Practice of Unani Medicine in UNANI MEDICUS-An International; Journal,vol.4,Issue1,(January-June), 2017, (ISSN 2230-8083) published by Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University ,Aligarh, India.
  2. Qamrul Hasan Lari. The Contributions of Arabs to Pharmacy during Islamic Golden Age published in National medicos (A National Unani Medical Journal) Volume 19, Issue 03, January 2017 (ISSN 0973 0478), Mumbai.
  3. Mohd Shamim Khan; Qamrul Hasan Lari; Mahmood Ahmad Khan. Therapeutic Approach of Unani Medicine in the Management of Psoriasis(Da-us-sadaf)  published in European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research (EJPMR),5(2),2018,200-205. SJIF Impact Factor-4.161 (ISSN 2394-3211).
  4. Qamrul Hasan Lari. Biomedical Waste Management-An Issue of Major Concern for Healthcare Professionals (accepted) for publication in SHAMA-E-TIB (2016-17)  , Annual Magazine,State Tameel-ut-Tib College and Hospital Lucknow.

Dr. Bachchu Singh

BOOK: General Study and Fundamentals Ilaj bit –Tadbeer : st edition, Dec 2017, ISBN: 1023024254

Dr.  Mohd. Zubair:

Article  in STT college annual magazine ” Obesity is an important morbidity risk factor for metabolic disorders

Dr. Shagufta Parveen

  1. Kidney stone/Renal calculus – A case study; International Journal of Advances in Health Sciences (IJHS), ISSN 2349-7033, Vol-5, Issue-1, 2018, pp01-09
  2. “Clinical observation of Unani drug Leuco-Bars oil and Majoon Dabidul ward in the treatment of  Leucoderma- A case Study” is accepted for publication during year 2018